Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Wait

Like the flowers that wilt when spring is past,
Like the leaves that float when autumn holds fast,
Like the trees that wither during winters vast;
My heavy heart shall sleep when you aren't near,
Waiting for the moment your voice again I shall hear,
Like the seeds that sprout with the first drops of rain,
When you come back, I shall be born again..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not an Agnostic anymore...

One of my first posts and my profile proclaims that I am an agnostic. But then some things changed that has made me rethink.. There is something beyond what we can feel or perceive. There is a higher power that silently guides our lives to an ultimate purpose. I still can't say that I believe in religion. Caste and creed are at best, tools used by narrow minded people to rule over others. At worst, it represents the rot in the minds of people. The best religion according to me would be one's own conscience... The best belief would be my belief in the 'Circle of Life' - Do good and good comes back to you. Do otherwise and the reverse shall happen..

Sunday, August 5, 2007


I am an Agnostic.

I know that by feel.

As for the rest...I'm still working on it..This seems to be topic that is harder to write about than I thought... :-D

Rain at my Doorstep

The rainy season is the most favourite of times in the year for me..The fragrance that wafts up from the parched earth as it receives the first drops of rain is enough to perk me up instantly. The rains in Kerala begin usually during the months of June, July n August ( The malayalam months of Edavam & Karkidakam ). Earlier in school we used to have such fun playing football in the rain, digging channels and building little dams in the mud for the dark brown waters to rush shoes, no socks and sometimes without shirts.. :-) dirtying ourselves with such gleeful abandon. In college we use to sit on the hostel roof enjoying getting drenched in the rain.. Today as I sit watchin the rain pouring down with deafening noise and flooding the courtyard of my house..I cant help hope that it will continue to hold such magic for me all through my life..

Saturday, August 4, 2007


I've lit a lamp in many a storm..