Sunday, August 5, 2007


I am an Agnostic.

I know that by feel.

As for the rest...I'm still working on it..This seems to be topic that is harder to write about than I thought... :-D


BeeGee the Imp said...

Intuition can be a profound source of knowledge. Some of the world's greatest minds (e.g., Albert Einstein) have claimed to "feel" their ideas were valid long before they could "prove" them using rigourous logic and solid evidence.

When you claim to be an agnostic by "feel", I take that to mean that you have intuited it. You should explore your hypothesis and use your superior reasoning skills (after all, you are a doctor) to establish a stronger foundation for your beliefs. Yes?

Sharath said...

Dear beegee,
Yes, I believe I ought to agree with Albert Einstein.. :-). In the same vein, Yes, I agree with you too. I have refrained from putting down what I feel because I think my intuition merits further thought. I come from a background of believers. It can be hard at times to break the mould..